TAF Club – The compulsory program a Singapore Plus Size from the 80s must attend in schools


  • It is compulsory for all Plus Size or overweight students to attend the Trim & Fit program, TAF club, every morning or after class and this program is to make you run, sweat and lose weight
  • Classmates termed the club as Pang Pang Ju Le Bu ( Fat Fat Club) and if you were in it, you were FAT!
  • You had no rights to choose whether you want to attend this program because too bad you were a Plus Size whom was slightly or extremely overweight
  • You came out with all kind of exercuses to avoid attending the exercise program because you did not want your crush to associate you with this club – the ultra unglam club ever
  • You stink early in the morning before class due to all the perspiration from the exercises and you were afraid your classmate next to you might smell the body odor
  • During the monthly recording of weight and height, you discreetly tried to tip toe to increase your actual height and skip your breakfast hoping that you would weigh lighter in order to fall into the healthy range and be out of the club
  • Those underweight were given a packet of full cream milk daily while you would never have this entitlement because you were a Plus Size

Though it was a program introduced by the Government to help the Plus Sizes to fall within the healthy weight-height range, however in my opinion, I somehow felt that this program was rather discriminating. It segregate the Plus Size from the Normal Size and further amplified who were the Plus Sizes. This sent message to all that the Plus Size should not be Plus Size and required assistance from such program so that you would be a Plus Size no more but a Normal Size. My Singapore Plus Size peers, do you feel the same way too??

Anyway this was all history and I am not sure whether such program still exist in schools. But I am glad I have outgrown that phase and nevertheless, it was through this program that I had make great friends with some of the Plus Sizes.

Outta curiosity, does such program exist in other nations’ schools as well???


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